Matthew Caruana Galizia’s harrowing testimony simplified

Matthew Caruana Galizia / Facebook

The following is a simplified version of what Matthew Caruana Galizia said at the inquiry. Matthew Caruana Galizia said:

Matthew Caruana Galizia said:

  • Consider as suspicious the several attempts by the government to stymie the inquiry.
  • Commissioner of Police was the one who most failed to take the action required within his remit.
  • The police never charged Fenech, Mizzi, Robert Agius (tal-Maksar) and Schembri despite the evidence.
  • Common elements were Ian Abdilla who was presiding over the Economic Crimes Unit and AG Peter Grech who had to prioritize his loyalty to certain people over investigations.
  • Insisted that Ian Abdilla, all police commissioners from John Rizzo to Lawrence Cutajar.
  • The worst threat was when Chris Cardona froze her bank accounts’.
  • Up to 2013, there were frequent police patrols and there was a fixed point outside her house.
  • The threats against his mother intensified, including Bedingfield’s blog, as well as harassment by the police and being assaulted physically and verbally on the streets as in the case of the mayor of Zurrieq Natius Farrugia.
  • She feared for her safety but did not discuss if she had asked for protection. Commissioner Rizzo maintained contact with Daphne to ensure that she was fine, subsequent commissioners did not.
  • I feel like they are frying me alive, Daphne told her sons.
  • Daphne was working on leaks from Electrogas which worried Yorgen Fenech.