‘I tried to get my hand inside the car but couldn’t. It was blown to pieces’

Matthew Caruana Galizia / Facebook

Matthew Caruana Galizia testifies in court on Daphne assassination

Matthew Caruana Galizia is testifying in court today as part of the evidence gathered against three men accused of killing his mother, journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, last October.

Caruana Galizia has been explaining to the court the minutes leading up to and the eventual explosion which killed his mother.

He says that his mother received a phonecall from HSBC bank around 2pm and proceeded to leave the house, shortly returning to collect her chequebook.

He says that he heard Daphne start the car and drive off with her music blarring. A few minutes later there was an explosion.

He says that he jumped out of his seat upon hearing the explosion, running to the gate to the property.

He explains that he followed the smoke in the distance which led him to the road, which was on fire.

‘I was confused because the road was on fire and nothing else. Pieces of plastic, glass and flesh. I followed the smoke with my eye and there I saw the field with the car in it.’

Matthew explains that he rushed down the lane to the car, initially thinking that the car belonged to someone else.

However, when he noticed the hubcaps, number plate and, ‘his mother’s leg on the ground in the field. That is when i realised that she hadn’t survived.’

Questions from the Defence lawyer

He explains that the car was driven by both his mother and  himself and that it had been parked in the same location up until his mother decided to drive it that day.

Defence lawyer Martin Fenech asks Matthew Caruana Galizia if the car should’ve been parked inside. The Caruana Galizia family objects to the question.

Questions are also raised about Daphne’s laptop which Matthew explains was handed over to the German Federal police by a representative of the family.

The court instructs the Fenech that the examination of Caruana Galizia is not about the laptop.


The court sitting has been adjourned  until 11th January 2019.