MATSEC exams should be held in line with recommendations – KNŻ


On Sunday, The Maltese National Youth Council, KNŻ, sent an email to Hon Owen Bonnici explaining all of the Council’s recommendations regarding MATSEC Examinations in view of the recent developments concerning the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. 

In a statement, the KNŻ said that the 2020 MATSEC Examinations should be held in line with the proposed recommendations while taking into account all precautions deemed necessary by the Health Authorities.

The Maltese National Youth Council is proposing the following recommendations;

  • All examinations should be pushed by two to three weeks, whilst not excluding the possibility of further delay
  • Enough time is kept for the sitting of resits and for the application into further educational institutions such as University
  • Oral examinations should be reinstated and scheduled for after the written examinations period, during the time when practical sessions take place.

The student councils have collectively come up with a list of precautions;

  • Students should be sat at a minimum of one metre away from each other
  • Social distancing is also to apply for students who are waiting outside the centre as well as inside
  • Sanitizers are present for all students and staff to make use of while going into examination
  • Desks and chairs are cleaned between sessions and that screening occurs prior to allowing the students to enter the examination hall
  • Invigilators attending such sessions should be clearly informed of the respective risks, particularly those who may be more susceptible to contracting the virus, whilst also ensuring that they are able to guide the students as needed
  • Students should have the option to do the first sitting in September or split their first sittings between May and September so as to facilitate the process for courses such as medicine that demand examinations be taken at the same time.
  • Students resitting their O’Level Paper A Examination, should be allowed to still sit for Paper A during the Resit Session and not switch to Paper B as is usually required, given the circumstance surrounding this ordeal
  • Should the situation arise that examinations have to be pushed further, the 2020/21 academic year in tertiary educational institutions is pushed forward by a month.

KNŻ stated that it should be ensured that adequate time between when the decision is taken regarding the status of this year’s MATSEC Examinations is made public.

The explained that the e-mail, to follow-up, was sent after meetings were held between KNŻ and student councils of various educational entities including KSU, KSJC as well as councils from St. Aloysius College Sixth Form, De La Salle College Sixth Form, Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary, MCAST and the Institute for Tourism Studies and followed by feedback from KNŻ’s member organisations.

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