Mater Dei doctors asked to buy protective equipment against coronavirus

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Doctors at Mater Dei are being asked to buy protective equipment against coronavirus from government supplies through Mater Dei Hospital billing section. On Tuesday, the Ministry for Health notified doctors at Mater Dei Hospital to buy the protective kit.

Sources who have contacted said that the government should provide the personal protective equipment (PEP) for free and it should not be up to them to buy the protective kit.

On Tuesday, the Ministry for Health notified doctors that in the event they identify a patient who potentially fits the case definition of COVID-19, patients should not be referred to Primary Care or hospital unless their medical condition indicates that they may need hospitalization.

Doctors have been also instructed to contact the Public Health Department immediately if they suspect a case even when the patient is still in the clinic, including before referring any such patient to Mater Dei Hospital or Primary Care.

The Ministry for Health has also activated a specific helpline for doctors.

On Tuesday, Dr Jan Chircop said that private General Practitioners (GPs) have not been equipped or supported to handle cases of coronavirus.

Despite what this press release says, people who have traveled to countries effected by CoronaVirus within the last 14…

Posted by Dr Jan Chircop Practice on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Writing a post on Facebook Dr Chricop said that GPs do not have the equipment, infrastructure such as, including isolation rooms or the support necessary.

Dr Chricop said that f people think they have symptoms of coronavirus they should contact the relevant authorities and not their family doctor as GPs are not equipped with the necessary protective equipment against coronavirus.