Massive investments in the next months – Muscat

Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat announced that new foreign investment initiative agreements will soon be concluded and that such will generate mighty results for Malta.

During a political activity in Ħamrun, The Prime minister Partit Labursta leader said that SR technics and Toly Products have announced an expansion in their operations. He added that SR Technics will be investing €40 million and provide 350 job vacancies, whilst Toly Products will be investing €20 million.

Muscat stated that there were 5,500 unemployed persons in December of 2018, less than half the number of persons registered as unemployed in 2012, were the figures stood at 12,000.

The Prime Minister also said that no major has ever complained on the road management of their locality being passed to central government and added that the conditions of the streets in St.Paul’s Bay were never at the current level and that the Burmarrad administrative committee had never taken any action. He added that in many instances work which is done by the central government is credited to the local councils.