No evidence found linking massage parlour owner to brothel

The owner of a massage parlour and beauty salon has been cleared by the court of allegedly using the shops for prostitution after no evidence was found that could prove that the owner was knowledgeable about what was happening in the massage parlour.

Gouhong Rekkers, 47, was charged with human trafficking, holding a person against their will, living off prostitution earnings, operation a brothel and using her shops for immoral acts. Rekkers had pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against her.

One of the witnesses that took to the stand was a Chinese national that explained in detail the work at the shop. The witness said that the earnings were divided between her and the owner, saying that her colleague and herself would spends days on end at the shop with the owner only stopping by for a few minutes a day.

The witness said that the majority of the clients were men some of which had asked for sexual favours. The witness said that she had reached an agreement with the owner to offer such services and she divided the earnings between herself and the owner. The brothel clients said that they received sexual services. A box containing more than 70 contraceptives was found in one of the wardrobes.

However the prosecution had failed to prove that the owner knew of the “extras” provided by the Chinese masseuse who took the stand. The court found that while such activities were indeed taking place, there was not enough evidence to link the accused to such services and knowingly breaching her trading licence.