“Mass events must be organised responsibly or called off” – Malta Chamber

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is calling for irresponsibly organised mass events to be called off.

In a statement, the Malta Chamber said that it is not against the organisation of such events, as long as they are organised in a responsible fashion. This means that they are able to manage responsible crowds, taking into consideration all safeguards and mitigation measures of social distancing and hygiene. This can be achieved by coordinating with the health authorities. Short of that, such events should be called off. Events attracting a foreign crowd that come from higher risk areas cannot be approved unconditionally.

It reminded that in view of the uncharacteristically large number of new coronavirus cases registered over the past few days, the virus is still in Malta and everyone must remain vigilant. This vigilance must also be enacted by the operators in the entertainment industries.

The Malta Chamber appealed for closer communication and collaboration between the health authorities and organisers of public events to ensure that these can take place without unnecessary risk to the physical health and future economic prospects of the country. Meanwhile, The Malta Chamber is in active contact with players in the events and entertainment industries with a view to make further pronouncements over the coming days.

It concluded the statement by saying that Malta must regard its economic recovery and the reopening of its schools as priorities, and not to allow one-off events to risk such objectives. The move towards a better normality must come in a structured, mature and responsible fashion.