Mass events and alcohol don’t mix, Chamber insists


The Malta Chamber emphasised that the holding of mass events was not recommendable at this point, “especially when hundreds of individuals are not in complete control of their actions because of the effect of alcohol consumption.”

Consequently, it emphasised that in the same way that festa band marches have been suspended, “such mass events ought to follow the same route.”

The chamber welcomed the government’s announcement last Thursday about the introduction of clearer protocols, stating that it felt that the attraction of crowds that would be incapable of keeping themselves and others safe was imprudent.

It recalled that earlier this week, it said that it was not against the organisation of mass events per se, but only as long as these were organised responsibly and all safeguards and mitigation measures could be implemented.

The Chamber said that it has always called for clear guidelines for businesses to follow, arguing that business and safety went hand in hand.

It also recalled that last April, it had presented a holistic view towards an exit strategy from a partial lockdown, urging for its proposals to be taken to heart to help sustain a quick and healthy recovery out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Notable progress was observed when people cooperated with the sensible guidelines they were given and this progress and sacrifice must not be jeopardised or even wasted,” it concluded.