Masks on the counters, now

Masks are available immediately from pharmacies. Mario Debono, president of the pharmaceutical section of the Malta Chamber for SMEs confirmed to that all pharmacies had received details of how they need to apply so that government can reimburse the shortfall in their financial outlay. This was the main bone of contention since most mask stocks had been bought at €1.20-€1-50 while government’s decision was to cap the prices of the masks at 95c.

“We have sent every pharmacy a form to fill and they are expected to return it with the relevant invoices,” said Debono, adding that this would then result in a financial payback to the pharmacies.

Meanwhile, the Malta Chamber of SMEs slammed the government’s move of introducing the historic price-fixing once again, calling it “ A practice that used to be carried out up till the 1970 and that since then the country had proudly eradicated, until today”. Such a level of imposed intervention should not even be possible in this day and age said the Malta Chamber for SMEs. It called on the government to act responsibly and not to make these kinds of “ill-thought mistakes”. The Malta Chamber for SMEs said that there are many ways to get to a final result.  Decisions not in line with the standards of social dialogue, that date from an era of a closed and under-developed economy, are not acceptable concluded the representative body.

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