Marsascala residents suggest upgrading existing facilities instead of new waterpolo pitch in ODZ

A group of Marsascala residents have written to Prime Minister Robert Abela expressing their concern about the proposal by the Ministry for Education and Employment to build a Waterpolo Pitch and a Clubhouse in Triq is-Salini (PA/00987/17), an Outside Development Zone. The letter was also sent to the Education Minister and the Environment Minister.

In their letter, the residents state that the proposed development would discourage residents and visitors from making use of the natural sea environment, given that the proposed area would be occupied by the building itself, a concrete floor slab and activities involved with this development.

Moviment Graffitti said in a press release that the project would also leave a huge negative impact on traffic and would create parking problems as well as increase noise pollution in a completely residential area. Residents fear that this development will have irreversible negative effects on Marsascala Bay and will change the face of the village forever. Moreover, they state that the intervention on the seabed will result in variability of sea flows affecting the tal-Magħluq area, which is a protected natural habitat.

In view of all this, Marsascala residents have asked Government to reconsider this proposal and argued that, instead of building new facilities, existing ones should be upgraded.

The letter can be viewed here.