Marlene Mizzi takes to Facebook to insult Simon Busuttil

Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi took to Facebook to attack ex-Leader of the Nationalist Party Dr Simon Busuttil.

Mizzi said that Busuttil shouldn’t be worrying about threats as 80% want him to live, as that’s what’s most beneficial to the Labour Party, while the other 20% are simply ignoring him.

Legal sources who wished to stay anonymous have told that this comment takes on several shades of meaning, legally.

They pointed out that Simon Busuttil had asked that the Court not allow Magistrate Mizzi to hear the case that Busuttil had initiated last October. Busuttil had claimed that the Magistrate cannot be impartial due to the fact that his wife, Marlene Mizzi, was prone to verbally attacking Simon Busuttil.

Last July, the Court agreed with Busuttil. However, the Attorney General is appealing the decision.

The legal sources went on to ask: why is it that as the appeal is ongoing, Marlene Mizzi is still verbally attacking Busuttil, when this can only strengthen Busuttil’s case?