MaritimeMT offering new courses for seafarers

Clodagh O'Neill (DOI)

A year after its inauguration, educational institute MaritimeMT is set to introduce new courses specifically addressing the yachting sector.

The Ħal Far training facility was the initiative of the Malta Maritime Pilots through the Mediterranean Maritime Research & Training Centre Coop, with the aim of providing specialised training to seafarers and onshore maritime workers like. It was inaugurated last October following an investment of €4 million by the cooperative.

The institute maintains a close working cooperation with Transport Malta’s Merchant Shipping Directorate in a bid to invest in new training and certification programmes. Its portfolio is to be divided into three main areas: one dedicated to commercial shipping, one to superyachts and one to small crafts.

Perhaps one of the most important courses developed with the local maritime industry in mind is the Transport Malta Recreational Skipper course, intended for persons wishing to operate pleasure craft for recreational purposes. The TM Master of Yachts 200GT 60Nm/150Nm/Unlimited Model Course has also been developed, and those holding a Master of Yachts are being given the opportunity to upgrade to a Master of Commercial Vessels.

The facility was visited by Prime Minister Robert Abela and Transport Minister Ian Borg on Friday, and during the visit, MaritimeMT and TM announced that they will be offering new courses leading to a Certificate of Competence for Officer of the Watch 3000GT and Master 500GT for the yachting sector. The development, according to the authorities, was particularly important in light of a substantial rise in superyacht registrations.

A Model Course for Yacht Stability accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority was also announced, and MaritimeMT is also gearing up to offer courses in engineering and hospitality. Additionally, discussions with MCAST are underway, with the hope of bringing about collaboration between the two two