Maritime industry experienced 50% drop in activity due to coronavirus

Photo by: Unsplash

The Maltese maritime industry stated that it is disappointed that it has been largely overlooked by the government in the measures aimed to assist those economic sectors which have been affected by the coronavirus situation. The Malta Maritime Forum said that this is an injustice to the industry and shows a detachment of the policymaker from the reality on the ground. 

In a statement, the Malta Maritime Forum is urging government to also assist around 23,000 jobs in the maritime industry which has seen its activity drop by more than 50% in one month. 

It was explained the industry accounts for an added value to the Maltese economy estimated at €2 billion per year and a contribution of 7 % to the total domestic economy. 

It was also stated that economic support during such a crisis should not depend on a NACE classification. The Forum highlighted the fact that it was not consulted at any stage, nor invited to sit at the negotiation table together with the other social partners.

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