Mario Portelli’s parents thank Police and medical services

The parents of the former Police official Mario Portelli who was taken to Mount Carmel Hospital after publishing a number of videos online making various allegations, thanked the Police and the medical services for the steps taken with their son in a letter from their lawyer.

The letter, signed by the lawyer, says that Portelli’s parents deplore the insensitivity they said was shown by some sections of the media, and even politicians, about their son’s case. They declared that all that took place was done under medical guidance, according to the law, and according to the best professional practices, given the circumstances.

Mental Health Commissioner investigating Mario Portelli’s case

“The Mental Health Commissioner is investigating” – Fearne

Health Minister Chris Fearne confirmed with that the Commissioner for Mental Health is investigating the case, and as soon as the results are out, they will be passed on to the Ministry. Fearne added that when there are cases of patients involuntarily being admitted into Mount Carmel Hospital, the procedure is always started by a psychiatrist.