MAPFRE Middlesea sponsors 2nd edition of First Responder Doctors Training course

This year, MAPFRE Middlesea sponsored the 2nd edition of the First Responder Doctors Training (FRDT) course which was held by Doctors for Road Safety (D4RS) in conjunction with the Association of Emergency Physicians of Malta (AEPM) as part of their ongoing initiative to support road safety.

D4RS is a non-profit organisation founded by medical doctors and students who strive to achieve the highest standards of road safety in Malta and Gozo. The NGO’s mission is to place road safety firmly on the national agenda by raising awareness, educating peers and the public, and advocating with the relevant stakeholders.

D4RS have stepped up their efforts to save lives on the road by training doctors to provide emergency assistance to victims of traffic and roadside accidents. The 2nd edition of the FRDT course provided a total of 24 participants with the relevant knowledge and opportunities to practice skills which are crucial for first responders in crash-related situations. Each of the participants were also given a First Response Kit to keep in their vehicles for whenever these crash-related situations arise. The kit contains basic equipment for use when providing medical help to victims of traffic accidents.

The main objective of this initiative is to equip more of the medical professionals on the roads with the skills and tools to intervene effectively when they are present in the immediate aftermath of an accident while emergency services are still on their way. The timely intervention in these first minutes after a crash can be life-saving determinant.

Chief Officer Commercial of MAPFRE Middlesea, Boris Curmi remarked, “We recognise the importance of continuously enforcing road safety standards by having a team of First Responders available when such traffic accidents arise, as well as the potential impact which those First Responders may have on a significant number of individuals on the road. Notwithstanding this, we are more than happy to pledge our support towards Doctors for Road Safety in their cause to further enhance road safety within Malta and Gozo.”

MAPFRE Middlesea has stated that it will continue to support this initiative in order to aid in enhancing road safety measures within Malta and Gozo.