MAPFRE Middlesea announces measures to support clients during Covid-19 crisis

In an effort to support clients in these difficult times and to ease some of the financial burden many are experiencing, MAPFRE Middlesea are introducing additional benefits to their clients.

MAPFRE Middlesea announced that, for those clients who end up unemployed as a result of this crisis, they will apply a 25% discount on the 12-month renewal of their client’s motor policy, this being equivalent to three-months free premium, with the balance to be paid quarterly starting three months from the renewal of the policy.

As regards home insurance and individual health policies, MAPFRE Middlesea announced that they will be extending these policies for three months for free.

The company said that the above apply to clients rendered unemployed during the Covid19 crisis as well as to those sole-traders and self-employed who qualify for the related Government benefits. The benefits will be applicable to Home, Motor and Individual Health policies due for renewal between the 1st May and 31st July.

In order to continue delivering a seamless service to clients  MAPFRE  has provided remote working capabilities to practically all its staff. All services are available for policyholders 24 hours a day, seven days a week on its website where clients can pay renewals, get a quote, and can also lodge a claim by filling in an online claim form.

Felipe Navarro, MAPFRE Middlesea President and CEO said: “We recognise that these uncertain times have created unique challenges for all of us. I wish to thank all those working on the front lines to help keep us healthy and safe.  Your courage and strength gives us optimism amid the uncertainty. We are stronger together in times of crisis.”

This content was supplied by MAPFRE Middlesea

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