MAPFRE Malta employees organise boat trip for St Patrick’s Residential Home boys 

As part of its ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, MAPFRE Malta has once again organised a boat trip for some of the young residents of St Patrick’s Residential Home.

St Patrick’s Residential Home provides accommodation to adolescents and young persons who find themselves needing a place to stay away from home due to personal or social circumstances, all of whom are welcomed with open arms and taken care of. Through a person-centred approach, youngsters are accompanied on their journey towards reintegration with their family of origin or independent living.

This year, a group of 10 employees from MAPFRE Malta, alongside with a number members from St Patrick’s Residential Home, volunteered to take several youngsters on a boat trip. Several employees with children of their own attended the activity so that they could integrate with the boys from the residential home.

“As always, it was both a pleasure and a privilege to spend time with the residents of St Patrick’s home! It’s great to see how dedicated the carers and volunteers are to their jobs at the residential home. It goes without saying that these boys deserve every ounce of the love and respect they receive” said Kim Martin, Head of Underwriting at MAPFRE Middlesea, who was one of the individuals responsible for organising this event.