MAPFRE Group team up with Inspire for World Autism Awareness month

As part of their ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, six employees from MAPFRE Group teamed up with the Inspire Foundation by helping out with the STAR 25 Programme.

This initiative was carried out in support of the cause pertaining to World Autism Awareness month.

The STAR 25 Programme is one which was delivered by Inspire Foundation for young adults with profound neurological conditions which cause a number of complex difficulties in aspects such as mobility, communication, and the ability to manage personal care. Some of the clients forming part of this programme also have auditory and/or visual impairments.

Clients of the STAR 25 Programme receive a range of therapies such as the more traditional physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, hydrotherapy, as well as more diverse alternatives such as therapeutic horseback riding, multisensory therapy and a range of other complementary therapies. Further to this, clients are able to participate in a wide range of individual and group activities, which include crafts, pottery, cookery, human-animal interaction, music and movement, and IT.

All activities are adapted to the needs and abilities of the individual client as to ensure that they gain the maximum benefit, and thus, are being supported to fulfil their potential. Activities have been designed to maintain and promote clients’ motor, social, communication, behavioural and cognitive skills within a fun and relaxed environment.

“I strongly recommend people being a volunteer of Inspire”

As part of their therapeutic practices, Inspire Foundation recently organised a figolli-making session. MAPFRE volunteers had the opportunity to help out during this session and directly integrate with 20 clients from the STAR 25 Programme, some of whom have profound neurological difficulties. Due to the nature of their disabilities, trained tutors and supervisors were also present during the session.

“Inspires absolutely knows how to do things in the best way. They managed to put all of us (volunteers, therapeutics and disabled individuals) working together for creating a nice Easter environment, including baking figolli. We felt part of it and we could understand better the reality of those people, their real needs and expectations. I must also say that it was very emotive seeing those professionals so fully dedicated, looking after their ‘clients’ in such a personalised and specialised manner. Amazing. We felt very little with such huge devotion. I strongly recommend people being a volunteer of Inspire for their own personal development. We can learn so much from each other”, said Ines Silva, Chief Officer of Human Resources at MAPFRE Middlesea and sponsor of this activity

Going forward, MAPFRE Group will continue to participate in such initiatives in order to support the cause and raise awareness towards autism.