‘Many benefited from the presence of the portrait of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu’ – Gozo Bishop

Betty Bugeja

Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech said that many benefited from the pilgrimage of the portrait of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu around the parishes in Gozo. Mgr. Grech said that no one can ascertain what has been confided with Our Lady, which intimate feelings have been shared.

Mgr. Grech sent a letter to all parishes and churches in Gozo, in which he spoke of the portrait which toured around various venues in Gozo, including Gozo General Hospital, and the “beautiful moments” shared during this time. The Bishop described this as a “historic” moment where many got to know the story of Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary better, as well as the Marian experience of Karmni Grima and Franġisk Portelli in 1883.

Bishop Grech said that it was comforting for the Diocese to observe that the presence of Our Lady moved many to prayer, to participate in mass, to recite the rosary, to move to the holy sacrament of confession, and to be charitable. The short stop of the portrait at the Gozo General Hospital sent a strong signal to those currently undergoing treatment, according to Mgr. Grech.

The bishop called on the general public to attend the final event related to the pilgrimage of the portrait of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu. On 27 January at 4.30pm the pilgrimage will come to an end, with a final event which will start from in front of the Pilgrim’s Monument with a walk to Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary. The Bishop called on everyone to attend.

He also thanked the administration at Gozo General Hospital, the Police and those responsible of transporting the portrait and all those who have helped.