Man pleads not guilty to the murder of his partner


A man pleaded not guilty to the murder of his partner, a 35-year-old woman, mother-of-six. The 28-year-old man from Ivory Coast was charged with murdering Lourdes Agius, who was also the mother to three of his children.

The victim was found dead at her house in Paola; she had allegedly been strangled. The couple had a history of domestic violence, according to various reports.

Michael Emmanuel was also accused of grievously injuring Agius’ mother, an elderly woman of 64 years, and of falsifying personal documents.

The Defence Counsel did not contest the validity of the arrest and the accused was remanded in custody. No request for bail was made.

We have failed the victim – Women’s Rights Foundation founder

In a comment on Facebook, Women’s Rights Foundation founder Lara Dimitrijevic appealed to the authorities to grant women better protection against domestic violence, adding a reminder that four homicides have taken place in less than four months. Dimitrijevic said that she was “done with empty talks” and it was time to hold accountable the authorities who were responsible for protecting the victim but had failed.

Shame shame shame! this should have never happened. She did not deserve to die. We have failed. The state has failed…

Posted by Lara Dimitrijevic on Saturday, September 15, 2018