Man sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for abducting and raping woman

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A man has been sentenced to twenty years imprisonment for abducting and raping a woman on 16 July 2016.

A trial by jury came to an end on Wednesday when the jury reached their verdict. Mr Justice Giovanni Grixti handed down the sentence on Thursday morning.

Seydon Bandaogo from Burkina Faso placed the woman into the car then drove her to Pembroke, where he was caught raping her as she was screaming for help.

Makuochukwu Ngumezi from Nigeria, was involved in abducting the woman in St George’s Bay but cleared of rape. He was sentenced to five years and one month for indecent assault and abduction.

On the night of 15 July, the woman met her friends in Paceville, walking back home, she had spotted two men who she did not know. Makuochukwu was wearing a blue t-shirt while Bandaogo was wearing an orange t-shirt. The victim told the court that she was pushed inside the men’s car.

The victim was then taken to Pembroke. She told the court that she tried resisting and screamed for help. However one of the men covered her mouth. For sometime the victim was unconscious, waking up to find herself wearing her t-shirt.

The woman was being raped by the man in the blue t-shirt, Emmanuel Makuochukwu Ngumezi, when the police arrived on the scene.

DNA tests which were presented in court by Dr Marisa Cassar showed that both men raped the victim.

Ngumezi was found not guilty of aggravated and violent rape charges, of causing slight injuries to the victim and of abducting the victim. He was however found guilty of a violent indecent assault, and illegally arresting a person. The court also declared that Ngumezi was a repeat offender.

Bandaogo was found not guilty of causing slight injuries and abducting the victim. He was found guilty of aggravated rape, indecent assault and illegal arrest of the victim.

Lawyers Nadia Attard and Anne Marie Cutajar from the Attorney General’s office prosecuted.

Police Inspectors Trevor Micallef and Elton Taliana led the investigation.

Legal aid lawyers Charmaine Cherrett and Simon Micallef Stafrace.

Mr Justice Giovanni Grixti presided over the jury.