Man sentenced 8 months in jail for punching his then-partner / Photo by Ali Jalali

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A 33-year-old man was jailed for eight months after a Court found him guilty of causing slight injuries to his then-partner.

The incident happened on 6 January 2019 at around 11pm in Żurrieq.

According to the testimony given in court by the victim, the man’s former partner was cooking at the time for the incident. She explained to the court that after she could not find a necklace which was of sentimental value, she blamed the man of taking it.

The victim told the court that the man attacked her and started punching her in the face. This last some 45 minutes when she started screaming for help.

When the police arrived at their residence, they were informed that they were making too much noise but did not delve into the domestic violence case. The woman went to Mosta health centre on her own where it was certified that she sustained slight injuries. She then filed a police report at the Żurrieq Police Station.

The victim told the court that this was not the first time and that she had been threatened by the accused on multiple occasions. She also exhibited voice recordings in which the accused could be heard threatening her.

The police said that on the day of the incident someone report that there was an argument in a house in Żurrieq. After having spoken to the accused and asked the victim if she was ok, the police left. Two days later, when he spoke to the victim he noticed a black eye. She told the Police Inspector that when the police went to their house she had replied that she was fine because she feared her partner.

The victim was also arrested briefly after the man had told the police that she threatened with a knife. The police inspector noted that while she was giving her statement the victim was in a state of panic, adding that once the man had burnt her face with a cigarette.

The father of the victim also testified saying that their relationship was behind the family’s back after he had issues with his daughter meeting the accused due to problems she had experienced. He also told the court that the victim’s family and victim only re-established contact after she was kicked out of the accused’s home.

The court found the man guilty of slightly injuring his former partner and sentenced him to eight months imprisonment.

The court also issued a five-year protection in order in favour of the victim.

Police Inspector Roderick Attard led the prosection.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud presided over the court case.