Man kills wife for talking to her uncle in Maghtab

Author Edward Attard shared a particular case with of how a man was sentenced to death by hanging after being found guilty of murdering his wife because she spoke to her uncle in Maghtab.

Edward Attard shared with a particular case which he came across whilst compiling material for his renowned chronicle of Maltese murders from 1800 until 2012, Delitti f’Malta (Homicides in Malta). In 1899, a 24–year old man was so jealous that he would not allow his wife to talk to anyone. He shot his wife on the spot after she dared to wave at and stop to chat with her uncle in Maghtab. The author classifes this murder as a femicide and jealousy as a form  of domestic violence. Edward Attard further explained that this is the only case in Malta where a man was given the death penalty for killing his wife. interviewed Edward Attard after two women have taken the initiative to make an extensive compilation of cases where women were victims of domestic violence and femicide in Malta from 1981 following the murder of Lourdes Agius from Paola by her partner marking the fourth femicide of 2018.