Man harasses people at Daħlet Qorrot bay; Police investigate

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The Police are investigating reports regarding a man who is allegedly harassing several people in the area of ​​Daħlet Qorrot Gozo.

The Police explained to that reports and investigations are underway and that the man may be taken to Court.

In the past few days, a photographer complained in a Facebook post that while trying to photograph a model on the beach near Daħlet Qorrot, the man was pacing near them and almost threw stones at them when he was asked to move.

The photographer explained his experience on the GOZONE Facebook group and many sent him personal messages and commented on his post, saying that they had similar experiences.

He described the man as being tanned, bald and of around 55 or 60 years. He remarked that the man would pace beside them and spend a considerable amount of time staring at him and the model. He explained that the man was there the second time they went and that the photographer asked him to leave a number of times. The man then moved further away but kept them in his view. At this point, the man attempted to throw stones at them.