“Man found dead had just come out of rehab”

Facebook / Millenium Chapel

The man found dead from a drug overdose on Christmas day, had just come out of rehabilitation, Fr Hilary Tagliaferro told Newsbook.com.mt. This newsroom reached out to Fr Hilary to speak about the activities which are organised throughout the year but especially during the festive period by the Millennium Chapel to reach out to those persons in need.

Fr Hilary explained that during this time of the year there was an increase in incidents, mentioning the death of the 40-year-old man in specific saying that the man used to go to the Millennium Chapel.

Speaking about the work of the Chapel, Fr Hilary said that while others might be enjoying themselves with their families and friends, many are suffering. He explained how some families cannot make ends meet and during the festive season cannot enjoy themselves.

Hampers and food vouchers given to families in need

Fr Hilary told Newsbook.com.mt how those families who come to the Chapel every fortnight to collect food got a hamper full of food products which would last them a bit longer. Along with the hamper they got meat, ranging from chicken to turkey to fish as well as food vouchers.

He also explained how with the help of a benefactor a meal is organised for some 140 families in need. Fr Hilary thanked the benefactor for organising.


Many are those people who have been evicted either because they could not pay their rent or because their rent was increased suddenly and they could not afford it. Fr Hilary said that while they do not have the facilities to allow people to sleepover at night, and sometimes the shelters have reached their full capacity, they would allow people to get some rest during the day at the Chapel. The concerned priest admitted that however he would not know where they would end up at night.

How can you help?

Fr Hilary told Newsbook.com.mt that many volunteers were elderly retired people who could give an hour or three a week and helped in running the Millennium Chapel. He explained that without their help, there would not be anyone to welcome and greet those who turn up.

He then invited those who could spare some time and help out at the Millennium Chapel and affirmed that when one gives, one receives back explaining that many suffering from depression or loneliness found the experience helpful as they got to meet others who might have had worse experiences than themselves.

He also invited others who would like to donate money or things, thanking all those who already assist the Chapel in carrying out its social work within the community.