Man dies in police custody

Updated 08:55 AM
Joseph Giordimaina

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A 35-year-old man of Imtarfa held in the Police Lock-Up at the Police Headquarters in Floriana died early Wednesday morning.

The police said that at around 3.40 am, officers stationed at the lock-up realised that the person was having a fit and required medical assistance.

A medical team was called on site while the man was given first aid.

Despite attempts to save his life, the man passed away, the police said.

The man had been stopped earlier on Wednesday at 00.30 am after he was found to be in possession of a substance believed to be a drug.

Duty Magistrate Josette Demicoli is leading the inquiry, and the police are investigating the case.

PN calls for independent inquiry

The Nationalist Party called for an immediate independent inquiry into the man’s death.

Its home affairs spokesman Beppe Fenech Adami said that this inquiry should establish what caused his death, whether it could have been avoided, who was responsible for all the precautions necessary to safeguard the man’s health while under arrest and whether all the relevant laws and procedures were followed in the course of the arrest.