Man denied bail over 5kg of cannabis

A man was denies bail after being accused of importing 5kgs of cannabis, despite claiming innocence. The 36 year-old from Portugal was also accused of importing cocaine and other illegal substances which were not considered to be for his personal use.

Customs Officials detained the man when he arrived from Madrid on Thursday, after he was sniffed out by one of the department’s sniffer dogs.

The court decided that he man should be remanded in custody after finding out that he has no ties with Malta, as well as accepting the prosecution’s request to freeze his assets.

During the hearing, Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech spoke directly to the Attorney General, Justice Minister, and Finance Minister to let them know that the criminal code and drug laws are outdated. They still refer to the Courts of Registration, and not to the director of the Asset Recovery Bureau, despite the fact that the Bureau has had the power to confiscate and sell things procured from criminal activities since August. She appealed for the law to reflect these changes.