Man charged with rape denied bail

A man charged with raping his former wife has been remanded in custody.

A 30-year-old Libyan national was charged with raping the woman with whom he has children at his flat in Sliema on Christmas Eve. The man was accused of performing non-consensual sexual acts with her and of threatening her.

The Prosecution told the court that while in police custody the accused tried calling the woman and attempted to interfere with witnesses. The man also showed interest in leaving Malta for China.

The court denied the man bail saying that he had expressed his wish of leaving the country and had disobeyed police instructions. The man pleaded not guilty.

The court has banned the publication of names of the accused to protect the victim who is his ex-wife and their children. The court issued a temporary protection order on the victim, and the warned the accused that if he tried to speak to her again he faced a €7,000 fine and prison.

The man said that he did not have the intention of calling the victim and handed his mobile over to the police. He is to be held at the Forensic Unit at Mount Carmel after he expressed suicidal thoughts.