Man accused of harassing parents to provide him money for drugs

Domestic Violence

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A 29 year old man is being kept under arrest after he allegedly harassed and abused his parents in order to acquire money to be used for drugs. The man from Żabbar has been accused of domestic violence and for instigating fear in his parents.

The legal aid lawyer requested that the accused is freed from arrest, however, the Prosecution objected. The Prosecution said that reports were being filed daily at Żabbar’s police station. It added that the man is still living with his parents, who are 74 and 75 years old. The Prosecution continued to explain that the man is unemployed, suffers from a drug addiction and continuously asks his parents for money. The parents are believed to have been giving their son around €5,000 per month and have allegedly even sold some land in order to provide him money.

The Prosecution described how although the accused had begun a rehabilitation programme back in May, he had returned home and asked his parents for money that same day. When his mother had refused to give him money after 15 years of support, the accused allegedly abused her, causing her minor injuries.

The Defence argued that although the accused is willing to enter a rehabilitation programme, he has nowhere to live. When the man asked to give his own version of the story, he stated that his parents adopted him and abused him physically and sexually. When he said he has no residence which he can live in, his mother said that she would be willing to accept him back in once he starts a rehabilitation programme.

The Magistrate decided to not allow the accused freedom from arrest due to the seriousness of the crime and since the accused still lives with his parents. She recommended that the prison’s Director takes the necessary steps in order to help the accused with his drug addiction.

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