Man accused of abusing a 14 year old foreign student granted bail

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A man who was hosting two foreign students at his own home was accused of sexually abusing one of them on Thursday.

The court heard how the man, who was hosting the 14-year-old foreign student, entered the room he allocated her and the second girl, and touched her. The man allegedly entered the room where the girls were sleeping on Wednesday at around 3am.

The alleged 14-year-old victim testified in court via video conference, who said she slept in the bottom bunk bed in a room upstairs in the accused’s house. The girl told the court that the man had entered her room and started touching her, however he left the room as soon as she woke up.

The victim presented a grey baggy t-shirt in court which she wore as a pyjama. The alleged victim explained that the man leaned over her to touch her breast.

The girl said that the man left the room, only to return with towels which he placed outside the room, with the victim explaining that the room does not have a door.

The accused allegedly wore a red T-shirt on the night.

The victim testified that there were no other male family members inside the house.

During cross-examination the defence asked where was the student during the day. They also questioned how the man could have touched her breast after scrutinizing a sketch she made of the layout of the room. The defence said that what she had described was physically impossible to perform.

The accused was granted bail against a €300 deposit and was ordered to sign the bail book three times a week.

Police Inspector Roxanne Tabone led the prosecution.

Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit presided over the case.

Lawyers David Farrugia Sacco and Jean Carl Abela appeared for the accused.