MAM declares industrial dispute

Updated 01:12 PM

Because of the removal of Dr Kenneth Grech following his recommendation that schools remain closed

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Medical Association (MAM) declared an industrial dispute with the government in view of the removal of Dr Kenneth Grech from his role as coordinator of the Covid-19 response team. MAM has also requested an urgent meeting with the minister of Health.

In a letter to Mr Joseph Rapa, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health, MAM said, “Doctors must be free to express their professional opinion without intimidation or fear of retribution.”

The MAM declared that the decision taken by the government to remove a consultant on the grounds of giving his professional judgement on Covid-19 as unacceptable. Government denied this claim.

The industrial action is expected to enter into force on Thursday.

Dr Grech was reported to have been removed from his role, in view of his advice of caution on the re-opening of the schools which last week led to a strike by the MUT.

The association said, “It is the ethical duty of each doctor to give the best possible medical advice. The removal of this consultant is of concern to all professionals in all grades. Patients must know that medical advice is based on evidence and given in their best interests.”

In view of the latest development the MAM has requested a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minsiter Chris Fearne.