MaltMUN annual conference in September

MaltMUN Society

This year, the conference’s theme is centred around cyber security, privacy and fake news. It will encourage both students and professionals to develop public speaking and debating, as well as research skills.

The Malta Model United Nations Society is a simulation for the United Nations which re-create a number of committees of the United Nations, such as the UN Security Council.

MaltMUN Society

“The participants, which we call delegates, apply and are sorted into a number of committees according to their preference. Each delegate will represent his or her assigned country within the respective UN Committee. They will then discuss the topics at hand based on the stance of the assigned country, and they will collaborate and work together, or against each other in order to produce a resolution,” explains MaltMUN Vice-President Sean Portelli.

Apart from Malta, the participants will come from all over the world. Ages vary from 16 to 35 years old.

The conference will kick off with an opening ceremony at the US Embassy in Ta’ Qali. The delegates will then make their way to Valletta and join their respective committees. The final committee session will be held on Sunday, and it will follow the closing ceremony at the National Library.

“We believe that by hosting Malta’s very own, and only international model UN, we are giving potential Maltese delegates a chance to develop research, public speaking, writing and negotiation skills. Furthermore, we are also giving international delegates the opportunity to visit Malta,” concluded Mr Portelli.

More information may be obtained from their website or Facebook page.