Updated: “We’re happy if you help our brothers”; SeaWatch heads to rescue

Chris Grodotzki / Sea-Watch.org

Sea-Watch crew informed the 32 rescued earlier that they would need to return to the search and rescue zone following a message from the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Rome alerting the NGO vessel that a boat with approximately 75 people on board was in distress. On Twitter, the NGO shared a photo and the response of the asylum seekers who were rescued earlier saying that they were happy if the NGO would assist their brothers and sisters.

Sea-Watch vessel 3 remained without a safe harbour for the 32 people rescued on Saturday. On Tuesday the NGO urged Europe take responsibility after five member states including Malta have denied a port of safety.

The Head of Mission from Sea-Watch contacted the MRRC Rome informing them that the Libyan authorities could not be reached, he also informed the Italian authorities that they have left their current position which was between Malta and Lampedusa and started to head south in order to carry out a search for the boat in distress.

Maltese think tank appeals for safe port for Sea Watch migrants

Zminijietna, the Left Think tank, has today appealed to the Maltese government to provide shelter to the migrants on board Sea Watch 3.

This follows the government’s earlier denial of a safe port to the 32 rescued migrants, that have spent almost a week on board the German Search and Rescue vessel.

The news comes just as Sea Watch 3’s Head of Mission, Philip Hahn called on Europe and specifically Germany, to accept the 32 migrants that remain on board.

He says that the vessel, which rescued 32 people last Saturday, has spent almost a week at sea, having been previously denied a safe harbour from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Malta.

Over 30 cities and federal states across Germany, ‘have declared themselves to be safe havens and are willing to accept those rescued from distress at sea. Sea-Watch,’, he said.

For this reason, the charity is calling on the German government and Minister for the Interior, Horst Seehofer, to act on welcoming the migrants in.

‘Sea-Watch, therefore, demands … (the) use of Section 23 of the Residence Act, providing those who fled war, torture and death in Libya with a solution that does justice to human rights, the Geneva Convention on Refugees and the alleged European values.’