Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud denies offering information to Trump campaign

joseph mifsud
Joseph Mifsud

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Professor Joseph Mifsud has denied making offers on ‘dirt’ about Hillary Clinton to the former Trump campaign strategist, George Papadopoulos. New FBI documents have also shown that denied prior knowledge of any information originating from Russia on Clinton.

Mifsud was considered to be a key player in the allegations levied at Russia, that it interfered and helped the Trump campaign with information on his opponent during the 2016 presidential election.

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller had singled out Mifsud as the informant who told Papadopoulos that Russia had e-mails that could deter Clinton’s chance of winning the election.

According to newly-leaked FBI documents, Mifsud insists that he had “no advance knowledge Russia was in possession of emails from the Democratic National Committee and, therefore, did not make any offers or offer any information” to Papadopoulos.

Papodopoulos had plead guilty to lying to FBI agents about if he had started working with the Trump campaign when he first met Mifsud. He had also lied about the extent of communications between him and Mifsud, Mueller said.