Maltese producers file judicial protest against Film Commissioner

Johann Grech

On Monday, the Malta Producers Association (MPA) filed a judicial protest against Film Commissioner, Johann Grech. In a press statement, the MPA has appealed to those in power to stop the malpractice and to remove Grech.

The Producers Association has condemned the lack of action by the government and by Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli despite the emerged allegations that the Malta Film Commission, Johann Grech, has been selectively promoting certain local film production companies to international producers to the exclusion of everyone else in the industry.

The MPA said they are extremely worried that the Film Commissioner remained in office and that an investigation cannot take place until he is removed.

“Now is the time to restore a level playing field and reassure the local and international film community that this abuse of position will not be tolerated under this administration.” – said the MPA.

The association has a meeting scheduled next week with Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli, to discuss how to ensure this kind of wrongdoing can be prevented in future.