Watch: Maltese Police Force awarded €1.5 million to fight financial crime

The Maltese Police Force has received €1.5 million in funds to support the prevention of economic crime and protect Malta’s financial interests.

The sum of money awarded by the Hercule III funding programme, has come from both the EU and the government agency, MEUSAC, and is understood to be affording a series of new hardware and software means to combat economic criminality from the local, regional and national levels as well as to coordinate on the European level.

Regarding software, the funding will help support the prevention and investigation of economic crime, ‘will aid to detect, deter, and disrupt criminality at a local, regional and national level, including tackling travelling criminals, organised crime groups and terrorists.’

The new hardware will, ‘prevent and combat fraud, corruption and any other illegal activities in view of protecting the financial interests of both Malta and the European Union, particularly in cross-border operations.’

Speaking at the press conference, Minister Michael Farrugia said that the new software is expected to enhance the Police’s intelligence gathering and analysis, monitoring criminal activity, cross referencing data, and to identify stolen vehicles and licence plates, as examples of its new features.

DOI – Jason Borg

While welcoming the new funding, Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds and Social Dialogue, Aaron Farrugia explained that this added to a previous funding injection to support national security projects.

Farrugia explained that the €6 million injection from the Internal Security Fund 2014-2020 to supported the Passenger Name Records system, as well as forensic, airport, and cybercrime equipment.