Watch: Maltese PM needs to deliver on rule of law – Manfred Weber

Malta is not being singled out on the issue of corruption, but the Prime Minister must now deliver on the issues raised by the scandals. This was, in a nutshell the position of the Chairman of the European People’s Party Manfred Weber when he spoke to in an exclusive interview which will be aired on this portal at noon on Saturday 20th June. 

With the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, said Weber, top government and police officials are involved on the side of criminals. “That is extremely serious and that is unique in today’s European Union. That is the only case where we have such a link and finally it delivered the resignation of the Prime Minister”, said Weber.

He said that this was something which has not happened in any other country. He added that as an EPP, the group will not stop asking for justice: “We need clarity. We need transparency and hopefully he’s [Abela] ready to deliver”, reiterated Weber. He said that Abela should deliver not attempt to protect his political camp, and citizens will need to be protected. 

After Orban’s expulsion, asked if the EPP was going to propose sanctions against Malta. Weber demurred, saying that he does not believe in sanctions. He said that the public debate is clear that the Maltese people want to live in a country where the fundamental principles of the independence of the judiciary and the police are guaranteed. He said that the people must know that the European Parliament is next to them, is their partner in this fight for what he described as ‘a modern state’. 

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