Maltese paying more for petrol before tax than other EU members

Sold out gas pumps are shown at a station ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Dorian in Pompano Beach, Florida, U.S. August 30, 2019. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Malta currently has the highest net cost for Petrol in the European Union, new figures show.

According to the recent European Union publication of Consumer Prices for Petroleum products (16/09/19), Euro-Super 95 (Petrol) per litre currently costs €0.64554, the highest in the European Union.

This sum is minus the taxes and duties which are normally included on top of the net value.

Denmark is recorded to have the second-highest amount at €0.63841 Euros per 1L, while Spain’s Petrol prices currently sit at €0.60523 Euros per 1L.

Estonia currently has the lowest net cost for petrol at €0.517 Euros per 1L. The weighted average is recorded at €0.54817 while the weighted average in Euros is €0.54924.

This places Malta above Northern European members like Luxembourg €0.60739, Germany (€0.52449), France (€0.55001), Ireland (€0.54164), Italy (€0.55890) and the United Kingdom (€0.54022). Malta is also higher than fellow Southern European members like Spain (€0.60523), Portugal (€0.55823), Cyprus (€0.55017) and Greece (€0.57017).  

Likewise with Diesel, Maltese consumers are paying €0.61235, just slightly above the Weighted Average €0.59830 and Weighted Average in Euros €0.59349.

Petrol Prices above Weighted average

With the taxes and duties applied, Maltese consumers are also paying more than the EU Weighted Average.

According to the EU’s figures, Malta’s current levels as of 16/09/19, sit at €0.1410 per 1L of petrol. Malta’s figure is lower than the Weighted Average in Euros (€0.144884).

This also places Malta well above countries like Luxembourg (€0.120200), Lithuania (€0.122249), Germany (€0.140300) or Austria (€0.124500).

Fuel prices rise

On the hinge of July into August, Enemed announced that fuel products would be increasing once again.

Petrol increased in price again by 5c, raising the price from the €1.36 to €1.41.

Diesel increased in price again also by 5c, raising the price from €1.23 to €1.28.