Maltese passport awarded best regional ID document of the year

Malta’s new generation e-passport has been awarded as the best regional ID document of the year for best new e-passport.

Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities, Alex Muscat said that this award portrays Malta’s continuous effort in protecting its citizens’ identity through technological advancements. It also highlights the Identity Malta’s commitment to continue working on all fronts.

Parliamentary Secretary Muscat said that the Maltese e-passport incorporates cutting-edge technology and new security features which will further prevent the counterfeiting of the document.

The award recognises the highest levels of achievement among global government passports and ID cards and was awarded to the Identity Malta Agency during the High-Security Printing EMEA Conference which was organised by Reconnaissance International in Portugal.

The conference was attended by 270 delegates from more than 136 organisations and 43 countries, including France, Germany, UK, USA, and Australia.