Maltese named in Naples insurance scam not “notified” by authorities

The legal representative of the Maltese allegedly involved in the scam reported widely in the Italian media, told that the Maltese have not been notified yet by the Italian authorities, and have yet to give their version of events. Their legal representative said that they have not been notified of any judicial acts (misure cautelari) however he did not deny that these might have been issued. According to TGCOM, judicial acts were also issued to the two Maltese citizens involved. asked whether the Maltese involved held directorships in a company with the Italians under their arrest, their legal representative, Joseph Gerada, said that he was not privy to such details.

The lawyer further elaborated that none of the Maltese have been notified, however they have made contact with a lawyer in Italy in which they informed the Italian authorities they would be willing to cooperate. The lawyer said that the Maltese only got to know from the Italian media.

On Thursday morning the Italian media reported that millions were laundered through a company in Malta which saw 18 lawyers being arrested in Italy. The lawyers are being held under house arrests. The Italian media reported that the case involves 2,800 bogus insurance claims with bogus witnesses paid to provide a bogus witness.