Maltese MEP’s report approved as part of Brexit deal

MEP Marlene Mizzi’s legislation to minimise the damage on the automotive industry following Brexit has been approved by a significant majority.

Mizzi’s report entitled, ‘Regulation on complementing EU type-approval legislation concerning the UK withdrawal from the Union’ was voted through the Strasbourg plenary meeting by 640 votes in favour to 11 against.

The new legislation is aimed at protecting the car industry in Europe for both workers and consumers as well as the frameworks governing the market and road safety.

Speaking after the report’s approval, MEP Marlene Mizzi reaffirmed the importance of the report to the automotive industry in the wake of the Brexit.

‘While being cautious in our approach, we negotiated what would give the best possible outcome for both the EU and the UK. Thus, we have found a balanced approach – still maintaining our position on: liability of both manufacturers and type-approval authorities, giving manufactures enough time to apply for new type-approval certificates that guarantee that standards of the Union are met and lastly on having an element of preparedness. The latter, will also be an element that shall be mirrored in other BRexit preparedness legislation.’, she explained.

The report got the support across the political aisles and member states, and expected to form a key part of the Brexit deal between the UK and EU.