Maltese man to be deported back to Malta after prison term

Mario Schembri, a man originally from  Malta, is set to be deported from Australia in the coming weeks, after serving a seven year prison term for manslaughter.

Mr Schembri was convicted of  killing Melbourne based businessman, Mr Herman Rockefeller in September 2010, following a heated argument. With his sentence concluding, it was decided that Mr Schembri should be deported back to Malta.

He must go

It is understood that Mr’s Schembri and Rockefeller had connected  through an advertisement in a sex magazine which resulted in  Mr Rockefeller having sex with Mr Schembri’s partner, Ms  Bernadette Denny.

On their second meeting Mr Schembri was enraged by Mr Rockefeller not fulfilling a promise to bring a female to their next gathering. He attacked and killed Mr Rockefeller, dismembering his body with a chainsaw.

Ms Denny is understood to be have been an accomplice in the manslaughter and  plead guilty alongside Mr Schembri.

Visa cancelled

According to the Melbourne based Herald Sun, Schembri had his visa to stay in Australia cancelled in January 2017.

He had then attempted to have the situation overturned citing that he had been living in Australia since his pre-school years and had raised a family. The Department of Home Affairs latterly rejected  the demand.

There is still the option to appeal the decision but this has not been made yet, according to the paper.

To be flown back under tight security

According to the Herald Sun, once Schembri is eligible for parole following his release from prison, he will be taken  into federal custody.

He will then be taken to immigration detention and flown back to Malta accompanied by police.