Maltese independence threatened from within – PD

The Partit Demokratiku insist that Maltese independence is not being threatened by ‘the foreigner’, but internally because of the lacking democratic values of the powers there to protect it. On Independence Day, the PD explained that 54 years ago the Maltese could start making their own decisions about their future.

That being said, they insisted that the dismantling and inadequacy of institutions, as well as a number of compromises reducing the separation between the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary, are resulting in a government which is “steamrolling over everyone.”

The political party also said that free press is being threatened, the Opposition is split, and the government is taking decisions putting everything the Maltese have gained throughout the years at risk.

The recent approval of Db Group’s high rise development in Pembroke was used as an example. The 38-storey tower is a clear example of weak Authorities approving projects despite a record number of objections, according to the PD.