Maltese couple refuse $2 million for their traditional food shop

National Post

An English couple living in Toronto, who are the owners of a shop that sells typical Maltese food refused a $2 million offer to sell their shop and the house next to it, in order to continue keeping alive Maltese culture in Canada.

Bake Shop Malta has been in the possession of Antoinette and Charlie Buttigieg since 1983. However, the shop itself has been used for selling different Maltese products since 1920.

In the past, the shop served as a bakery, a shoe shop, and Maltese grocery shop.

Among the products Buttigieg sells there are the traditional Maltese cheesecakes, timpana, the honey rings, espresso and much more.

Antoinette, who spoke to National Post, said the company is trying to open more establishments and want to keep their land at all costs.

She explained that the shop is their lives and she cannot see a future without it. She said she does not work there but considers this shop as her living room and her customers like family.