Maltese couple ask Pope Francis a question during book launch

A Maltese couple have asked the Pope for help after their children are questioning the Catholic faith.

The couple, Tony and Grace Naudi had the opportunity to ask a question to Pope Francis during the launch of the book La saggezza del tempo (Sharing the Wisdom of Time). They have been married for 43 years and have four children and five grandchildren. They told the Pope that they educated their children in the Catholic faith and on how the children have become critical towards the faith that they have been brought up in.

Pope Francis answered that it was commonplace that young people tend to look at modern ideologies and distance themselves from the Faith. Pope Francis told Tony and Grace not to be afraid or worry and to talk to God. He also told them to loving their children through example, prayer and tenderness and to avoid discussions with them.  The Holy Father also told them to show compassion, be patient and talk to them with” the household dialect”.

Pope Francis said that nowadays many couples work outside the house and many children are brought up mostly by their grandparents. It is through this time that grandparents need to transmit the Faith towards their grandchildren. “Do not be afraid to teach them to pray. Their parents are very busy and the grandparents need to fill the void. Faith needs to be always transmitted at home.”

Pope Francis’s book includes stories from older persons from around the world. In his introduction, the Holy Father explained the importance of sharing experiences with people of an older age and that have a good rapport with the younger generations.