Maltese computer use in workplaces, above EU average

New figures show that Malta’s use of information technology (ICT) in workplaces is above the EU average.

According to a new EUROSTAT report on the use of ICT at work, 81% of respondents used computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. This is 10% points higher than the EU average of all 27 member states. This also puts Malta joint sixth place with Iceland, in the EU overall.

Malta also registered a high use of computers and computerised equipment in the workplace, (83%). This is 9% points higher than the EU average (74%) and on par with Germany, at 6th place in the EU.


In terms of the activities carried with the use of ICT, it is understood from the findings that 70% of respondents said it was for the purposes of exchanging emails and conducting data-basing. This was 9% points higher than the EU average (61%). Malta once again sat jointly with Iceland in the 6th spot among all EU nations.