Maltese artists providing artwork to colour in for free

In these coronavirus days, with children off school and spending so much time indoors, keeping them occupied can be a challenge.

And it’s not only the children… plenty of adults are also looking for artistic and creative endeavors to enjoy while at home.

So, artist Tom Frank came up with the idea of ‘Color Up Malta’ – a project whereby Maltese artists are asked to provide colouring pages to everyone free of charge.

90 artists, including the likes of Stephanie Borg, Isabel Warrington, James Vella Clark, Ray Grillo, Steve Bonello, Clemens Hasengschwandtner, Pats Spiteri, Ray Piscopo, Catherine Cavallo, Jeni Caruana, Lisa M.Kaehler, Simone Stilon Tabone, Anthony Lucian Cauchi, are currently participating in the project, providing their drawings for children and adults who can give them the final touch.

Tom moved from Berlin to Malta in 2016. He worked as a singer and director for opera houses for 20 years before studying new art technologies in media spaces.

“As a designer, I have the opportunity to create new media spaces, and I have thought about how I can support artists in giving their art a platform despite closed cultural institutions and in keeping in touch with their audience and fans and exchanging ideas,” he told

Despite social distance, he looked for an opportunity for active cultural activity within the community and then saw Stephanie Borg’s colouring page.

“Her social media contribution gave me the idea of enlarging the project and creating a project page with download options for every artist who would like to join. Because of the Covid 19 situation, the goal was to double public attention by pooling many artists from the same art field. Since the financial situation is at risk for many of us, everything should be free for artists and users,” he said.

The project should also have a multiple effect for the artists, Tom explained: “On the one hand, they receive free advertising and on the other hand, a significant boomerang effect can be achieved, which is due to the large number of coloured pictures. This backflow can be used effectively as advertising on social media networks. In addition, the fan audience of a single artist automatically comes into contact with the work of 89 other artists and so one or the other artist finds new admirers – similar to a group exhibition in a gallery, but with the advantage that our online presentation is permanently visible.” 

Tom said that he has been overwhelmed and very grateful by the large number of artists who have participated or are still participating.

“It gives the project this great diversity. And I made some new artist friends too,” he said.

The project has already received 124 returns with coloured pictures.

More information may be obtained from the Facebook page or website.

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