Maltese are 80% richer from the property market – Muscat

Joseph Muscat

The Maltese have become richer as the property market grew, according to  Labour Party leader Joseph Muscat. He cited the Bloomberg report, saying that 80% of the Maltese population were now homeowners, making them richer.

Muscat said that schemes were in the pipeline for the other 20% who did not have the 10% of the property value readily available and who are not eligible to take out a loan.

Replying to the comments made by Opposition Leader Adrian Delia earlier this week, where he suggested that the need might arise for the economy to be slowed down, Muscat argued that one could not ‘halt’ an economy, as the middle class and the poor would suffer.

Commenting on the newly-opened health clinic in Kirkop, Muscat said that some 28,000 people will be seen to at this clinic. Muscat also said that there were also plans for a new health clinic in the north of the island.

Muscat disagreed with Delia on Malta becoming a hub for processing of migrants, saying that Malta would not allow other countries to “dump” their responsibilities on Malta.