Maltese actress files libel suits over Nazism accusation

Meme by Pia Zammit; taken from Facebook.

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Two libel suits have been filed against the news outlet It-Torċa by the Maltese actress Pia Zammit, after the newspaper accused her of being a Nazi sympathizer.

A picture of Ms Zammit had appeared on social media showing the actress dressed in a Nazi uniform surrounded by fellow cast members from a production of the BBC comedy Allo Allo, set in wartime occupied France. The production had taken place around a decade prior.

It-Torċa subsequently published a story along with information from an anonymous person, claiming that the representation was offensive to those whom had been victims of the Nazis.

Zammit was quick to respond to the claims, saying that, ‘To maliciously and intentionally call a private individual a Nazi sympathiser based on a photo of her in play, when all evidence is obviously to the contrary, is a step too far.’

The actress who is also an activist with #OccupyJustice, said that the article had shown an effort to intimidate and censor. ‘Someone has to take a stand against these forms of bullying,’ she added.

The second libel case has been brought against Sergio Galea Vincenti over a Facebook post, in which he brands Zammit a Nazzista.

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Posted by Pia Zammit on Sunday, August 25, 2019