Watch: Malta’s position on migration does not change, says PM Abela

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Malta’s position on migration does not change stated Prime Minister Robert Abela during talks held with the High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrell Fontelles, at Castille on Tuesday afternoon.

Prime Minister Abela said that Malta should not be pressured to allow migrants to enter its shores when the migrants were not let to disembark at the nearest and safest port. Abela was referring to the group of 52 migrants who were rescued on Saturday by the merchant vessel Talia, according to the NGO Alarm Phone. The NGO also said that the 52 migrants in distress were in the Maltese SAR zone.

Abela explained to Borrell Fontelles that the nearest safe port for this particular group of migrants was Itay and then the boat moved towards Malta. “Unfortunately the issue remains on the disembarkation on these migrants,” said the Maltese Prime Minister.

“It is not our problem but partly our problem and that is why Malta needs help from the European Union. The number of countries offering help is encouraging but is relatively small,” stated Robert Abela.

The High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrell Fontelles said that Malta has an important role on the cross roads between Libya and Turkey migration issues. He also mentioned that the European Union is proposing a new pact for asylum migration, a new approach, a permanent solution for illegal migration, explained Borrell Fonteslles.

In his speech the Maltese Prime Minister also mentioned the co-operation of the Libyan government towards Malta.